Note for ex.

Dear my ex,
Sincerely im happy without you now.
But i can lie to other person, not to my self,
Im still miss you.

Dear my ex,
Im still love you. 
Thats the true.
But i realize, you and me, both of us are done,
Nothing else left, only the memory.

Dear my ex,
What im worried now,
Today im still miss you and loving you,
But if you still like that i dont know what will happen for tommorow.

Dear my ex,
One day you will miss me like i keep thinking of you,
One day you will realize that im the one for you,
One day you will come over me,
BUT sorry, that time im not loving you anymore.

                                                                                                                                The one who loving you

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  1. ex yg mana? patut xda gambar dia dalam side bar